Author of The Crypto Pursuit: Stolen Dark Net Fortune

My name is Brett Booker [AIC] and I’m a creative (writer, artist, designer) who is based out of FCI Mendota (aka a federal prison in the Central Valley of California). Despite being sentenced to 138-months (11.5 years ... ouch) at the age of—a term that represented more than half of my life at the time—I decided to face my subsequent change of address with grit, humility, and perseverance.

Almost seven years in (as of March ‘22), I’ve experienced a tremendous amount of personal growth. This includes becoming a published author, earning a college degree (shoutout Ohio University), mastering power lifting (PR of 495 squat @ 165lb), sharing what I’ve learned to other inmates via handwritten curricula, and most important of all, having the gracious opportunity to make positive contributions to society (speaking to at-risk youth and donating stuffed animals to sick children via Ronald McDonald House).

With the guidance of the great Stoics (Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, Admiral James Stockdale, among others) I intentionally chose to live my life by the following mission statement: without assimilating to my environment, I strive to learn daily and make this the defining moment of my life.

My goal with this Medium blog is twofold. First, without access to technology other than CorrLinks (BOP email), I wanted a medium to share my thoughts and interact with the world (see what I did there, lol). Two, I though this platform would enable me to have fun as I experiment with writing styles (who knows, maybe Gonzo is in my future).

That in mind, I plan on blogging about my experiences as a freedom-challenged (incarcerated, locked up, in the can) writer, musings on criminal justice-related topics, and the odd thoughts that lurk about my mind.

Favorite Three Writers: Hunter S. Thompson, Franz Kafka, and Agatha Christie.

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Live Long and Prosper (LLP!).

Notice: Brett Booker does not post directly to Medium. His email and snail mail writings are transcribed into posts by his supporters.